For us, hospitality is friendship.

Friends are people we like or even love and with whom we would like to share the Ansitz Schneckart in the future. We like to expand our circle of loved ones. We would therefore be delighted if you fit in with us and are interested in us.

Some things are similar to good hotels, some things are different. We have great beds, a beautiful pool in the vineyard, a cozy sauna and a great breakfast. Loving people look after you and we attach great importance to sustainability. But unlike hotels, we want our friends and guests to feel freer. To be free to go to the kitchen at any time to help yourself. To be free to get a bistecca from the excellent butcher in Tramin and have a barbecue with us. To be free to taste the 100-point Gewürztraminer Epokale from Cantina Tramin in our vineyard. In other words: when our good souls are busy, we are happy for you to go to the coffee machine yourself or take your wine.

We have a simple pricing system. A room costs as much per night as it costs. There are (almost) no additional costs. Not for the garage, breakfast, the afternoon cake or the countless cappuccinos.
The only additional items on the bill are alcoholic drinks. We offer our wine lovers something very special: all wines can be consumed and purchased at farm-gate prices. There is no surcharge with us.

Our kitchen is always open for you. In it you will find things that we find delicious. Good tomatoes, good prosciutto, good Parmigiano, good bread etc. Help yourself and be happy. And as I said: you can also cook or barbecue in our kitchen, we have very good grocers. There are also several good to excellent restaurants within walking distance in Tramin, from award-winning cuisine to pizzerias. We know them well and are happy to take care of the reservation.

We have seven children (and hopefully grandchildren one day). We owe it to you to work as sustainably and resource-efficiently as possible. That’s what we do. On the other hand, we don’t like dogmas. That’s why we have salt and pepper, even if they are not grown in the village. And there is a Nespresso machine in the rooms because we want you to be able to make your first morning coffee in your pyjamas (but of course the aluminum capsules are recycled properly). In other words, the Ansitz Schneckart is like real life. No rule without exception.

What would make us happy: Come, see the whole thing and feel and fill the magic of this place with us.