The good soul of Ansitz Schneckart

The hotel industry has won me over over the years: the constant new challenges and working in a team are incredibly fun. There is also the opportunity to get to know magical people and their exciting stories from all over the world.
Over the last few years, I’ve been able to gain experience in great hotels, but the most formative time for me was probably my time at the Seehotel Ambach – a unique hotel from the 70s on Lake Kaltern.
The last 8 years I have
spent there – with many beautiful
moments but also short
As Guest Relation
Manager: from booking requests
about guest services and
Organization of the reception team
to the coordination between
the various departments in the

After this long and especially
time, and because of
an interesting encounter, the Ansitz Schneckart found me in the fall of 2021, and I decided that it was time to write my own little story…

So from now on I can take care of your
concerns and wishes:
before, during and after your
Stay. Together with the team, we will prepare your magical breakfast
prepare, fill the wine cellar
and show you our most beautiful
Favorite places revealed. To the
Hiking, biking, recharging your batteries
or simply for the soul
dangle. Restaurant tips
and one or two wineries
are of course always included.

We are very much looking forward to
To make you a magical place together!

“We hope that the Ansitz Schneckart will become a house full of memories of experiences and moments that our guests will talk about for a long time to come.”

We are the crazy ones who had the courage

“Everyone deserves the same respect – regardless of the hat they are wearing. The well-being of our employees is just as important to us as the well-being of guests, suppliers and the community.”

Timo and Werner have known each other for over 30 years and have experienced life with all its wonderful ups and downs. And even if we didn’t meet for a while, every reunion was like a familiar hug.

We both share a love of life in all its facets and have been able to put aside our fears in many areas. That’s how the idea of the joint Schneckart hide came about by chance during a very good dinner. At the end of the evening, it was clear that we would do it. We responded with a hearty “That’s exactly why we’re doing it” to well-meaning people who warned us of all the risks of such a dilapidated property that had been empty for a decade and our lack of experience in the “hotel” business.

We are both driven by three things:  
  1. Our families, to whom we are committed and who are the benchmark for all our actions. It is therefore a house of friends for family and friends.
  2. Our idea of hospitality, which is unpretentious, but all the more warm and generous. That’s why you can do (almost) anything at Ansitz Schneckart.
  3. Our enjoyment of paths that are different, unconventional, not well-trodden. Therefore, it is not a hotel.