A manor house from the 15th century. 
Renovated in 1850. 
Awakened to a new zest for life from 2023.

A manor house is a residence of the lower nobility with special legal status, says Wikipedia. It was important to respect this historical inventory and context. The Ansitz found us around 10 years ago. Since then, we have walked past, around and inside. We dreamed of how we could take over this place together with friends, unleash its magic and add our own. We couldn’t resist the temptation.

Now he has been kissed awake. A house by friends for friends. For you.

As we found it

The late medieval residence from the Gothic period of the 15th century forms the foundation, which was carefully renovated from the ground up in close consultation with the heritage office using original materials and techniques. We have created individual rooms within the historic floor plans. Each one different, each one special.

The new house at the gate

Next to the farm gate, a collapsed henhouse was holding its own. Very little could be preserved here, so we will build an independent but integrated new building, the Haus am Tor. We don’t yet know when we will start. When the time is right, we will feel it.

The architectural genesis

Zeno Bampi (Büro Bampi, Neumarkt) is responsible for the architecture of the residence. The design incl. of the interior bears the signature of interior designer Inge Schneckenburger (Schneckenburger Interior, Munich). Franz Kosta and Werner Reifner (Studio Franz, Salurn) are responsible for the Haus am Tor, whose design emerged as the winner of an invited competition chaired by Florian Hartmann (dreisterneplus, Munich).


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