Haus am Tor.

Even if (or precisely because) you are a hen house next to the gate of an important estate, you are still allowed to be self-confident and independent. And that’s what it is, our ‘Haus am Tor’.

Shortly before the first Corona lockdown, we visited six South Tyrolean architectural firms and invited five to take part in a design competition. With Florian Hartmann chairing the jury, we unanimously chose a design by Franz Kosta and Werner Reifner. It does not duck away, but may and must be. It quotes important South Tyrolean building traditions without historicizing them. It is oriented towards the basic ideas of modernity without wanting to be modern.

For our friends and guests, the ‘Haus am Tor’ is an independent retreat with four bedrooms and all the trimmings. Or it serves as a room extension of the estate: four separate rooms, each small but nice. For both options, you are guests of the Ansitz Schneckart and can therefore use the pool, kitchen, etc. of the estate.